Hybrid chips for smart energy management

Are hybrid chips that manage energy devices the next big thing?  These “Hybrii” chips can monitor electric use for a home or vehicle, aiming to save company and home owners money.  Would you… Continue reading

Unlimited music for smartphones?

Smartphone companies are looking at cell phone plans that would allow users to have unlimited streamed music. When smartphone owners were asked about potential improvements for their devices, unlimited streamed music was the… Continue reading

Court rules on iPad trespassing

Where do we draw the line between physically trespassing and trespassing with our forms of technology? The lines blur as technology becomes an important part of everyday life. The ACT Magistrates Court (Australia) debated… Continue reading

Can technology overcome partisanship in American government?

This article from The Washington Post talks about “a tech startup, with the goal of creating an efficient, participatory, transparent government that replaces ideology and partisanship with data and results.”  Is technology key to changing… Continue reading

Taxi apps for smartphones

New York City is looking into cab-hailing apps for smartphones. With these apps, taxi drivers would be notified of areas in high demand for cabs at a given time. If cab-hailing apps are… Continue reading

Think first, or just install?

This article from The Washington Post concludes from surveys that many iPhone users uninstall apps that ask for too much personal information. Are privacy concerns important to keep in mind when choosing our apps, or… Continue reading

Tweet. Buzz. Ring.

Hi, all! In short, this blog is about today’s society. It serves to look at questions that are asked in my daily life and the lives of my peers, acquaintances and other readers.… Continue reading

Running, running, gone

In this article, a senior student from Yale University shares what she feels on campus: the opposite of loneliness.  She also shares her fear of “missing out” and falling out of touch with… Continue reading