The role of Twitter in presidential debates

Two new words reached the level of Twitter infamy last night: “pension” and “binder.” #Socialmedia is becoming a tool increasingly relied on by campaign teams during debates. Trending topics and popular words on… Continue reading

Did Jesus have a wife?

A scrap of papyrus from the fourth century suggests that Jesus may have had a wife. This finding remains a mystery to scholars and historians, but it comes at a relevant time for… Continue reading

Internet Archive accessible today

All TV news since 2009 can be accessed on one website starting today. This “Internet Archive” is intended for researchers as well as general citizens. Brewster Kahle, the project’s founder, said he hopes… Continue reading

iPhone 5 sales set new record

The iPhone 5 has broken sales records set previously by the iPhone 4s. Most of the pre-orders will be delivered later this week, and the company has taken more pre-orders for delivery in… Continue reading

Jimmy Kimmel’s iPhone 5 experiment: people can’t tell the difference

Jimmy Kimmel tested the public’s opinion of the iPhone 5’s new features last week.  Since the new model is not available in stores yet, he distributed the iPhone 4s to people on the… Continue reading


Social media promoting FOMO in modern women

FOMO: fear of missing out. This Marie Claire article explains the psychological effects of social media for modern women. Careers, relationships, reproduction — Women see what their friends are doing from constant Facebook… Continue reading

“Checking In” on Facebook may help illegal immigrants

Many illegal immigrants are applying for the government’s new deferred-action program.  This program would allow them “to live and work here without fear of deportation.”  The government has told those applying to bring… Continue reading

Glass trends combine fashion and technology

Diane von Furstenberg’s models wore Google’s high-tech glasses on the runway at New York Fashion Week. The first shipment of these glasses will be shipped to customers who pre-ordered them in early 2013. Until… Continue reading

Computer lights can disrupt sleep cycle

Studies show that using a computer before bed can disrupt the sleep cycle. How? The artificial light affects hormone levels (melatonin). With so much happening online, checking emails before bed is a tough… Continue reading