Newspapers lose advertising revenues for 25th consecutive quarter

The Newspaper Association of America reported that newspaper advertising revenues are down about 5 percent since this time last year. This is the 25th consecutive quarter in which the industry has lost print advertising revenue. Although digital advertising revenue increased 3.6 percent this quarter, the print losses are far from covered. This does not come as a shock since most news consumers no longer get their daily feed from the morning paper. However, as news becomes increasingly digitalized, what are readers losing other than the comfort of the newspaper pages between their fingers? Since consumers choose their news from an extensive array of search buttons and links to more detailed articles, do they miss out on the information they need in order to be informed citizens of a democratic society? Do consumers cater their news consumption to only that which interests them most? Is there any way of preventing this lack of information in a society that is increasingly dependent on technology and immediate accessibility?


Photo Credit: Poynter

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