Polling Location: Third Presbyterian Church, Henrico Counnty

I arrived at the Third Presbyterian Church in Richmond, Va. at 8:30 this morning. Voters were in and out of the church to cast their election ballots. I interviewed the first four voters leaving the polling site. I asked them who they voted for, why they chose the candidate, which issues were most important in making their decision and what they predicted for the election outcome. Of the four voters I spoke with, three voted for Romney and one voted for Obama. Here is their reasoning:

Interview 1: Margaret Crowe

Voted for: Obama

Why: agrees with more of his policies

Important issues in her decision: children, health, economy

Prediction: hoping Obama will win, but “a little worried.”


Interview 2: Brandon Smith

Voted for: Romney

Why: agrees with his stances on education and health care

Important issues in his decision: education, health care, Medicare because his “parents are getting older”

Prediction: too close to call


Interview 3: Richard Bishop

Voted for: Romney

Why: “I’m a typical Republican” and “not an Obama fan.”

Important issues in his decision: economy, foreign policy, some domestic policies, the president’s priorities

Prediction: Obama will win “unfortunately”


Interview 4: Jacob Fleck

Voted for: Romney

Why: disappointed with lack of progress in last four years

Important issues in his decision: economy, national security, idea of change

Prediction: Obama will win “unfortunately”