“Instant Gratification”: iPhone Trade-ins

Apple will soon implement a program where clients can trade in their iPhones for newer models. After bringing in an old device and paying for a new device, customers will leave with “instant… Continue reading

Role Reversal: Adult Clothing Lines Inspired By Children Lines

It is not uncommon for an adult clothing line to inspire a line for children, under the same brand name. Recently, the opposite has been occurring in the apparel industry. Pink Chicken, a… Continue reading

Consumer confidence: where does the nation stand?

New york Times reporter Stephanie Clifford says, “Americans are feeling better about the economy than they have in four and a half years, data released Tuesday shows.” Preliminary consumer confidence is at its highest… Continue reading

Newspapers lose advertising revenues for 25th consecutive quarter

The Newspaper Association of America reported that newspaper advertising revenues are down about 5 percent since this time last year. This is the 25th consecutive quarter in which the industry has lost print… Continue reading

The new Facebook copyright/privacy message changes nothing

Many Facebook users have been posting the following message on their timelines, believing it will prevent the company from using any material against them that they post to the social media site: In… Continue reading

Cyber Monday Crushes Black Friday

Daniel Gross argues that Black Friday is less important today than in years past because of advances in technology. Whereas this major retail day used to indicate sales trends for the holiday season,… Continue reading

Election 2012: Twitter’s Biggest Political Event

Election Day was dominated by social media according to CNN. Since 2008, there have been increases in social media searches, uploaded pictures and #hashtags regarding the presidential election. Some key indicators of social… Continue reading

Polling Location: Third Presbyterian Church, Henrico Counnty

I arrived at the Third Presbyterian Church in Richmond, Va. at 8:30 this morning. Voters were in and out of the church to cast their election ballots. I interviewed the first four voters… Continue reading

The clique mentality

In this “Marie Claire” article, Geraldine Campbell says American women gravitate toward clubs and seek inclusion. Since many women in America feel that their lives are becoming increasingly independent and busy, they look… Continue reading

Facebook still social network of choice for teens, but close call

More teens chose Facebook among other social networking sites including Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, Google+ and Tumblr, according to a recent survey conducted at analyst firm Piper Jaffray. The catch? Twitter and Instagram both ranked… Continue reading